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S-COM Controller Manager

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Controller Manager is a custom-designed software package to help control operators manage S-COM 7K and 7330 repeater controllers. S-COM controllers are industry-standard, high-performance units that are found in a wide variety of radio services ranging from amateur radio, police, fire, government, and many others.

The software makes accurate programming of these controllers an easy and repeatable task. It is designed to work with the feature set of S-COM controllers and can be used directly on a test bench, or remotely through modem connections.

With S-COM 7330 controllers, the software allows direct serial (RS232) programming, and allows fully error-checked uploads. Errors are clearly explained and marked for correction in the program's status window while programming is taking place, and the program provides affirmative confirmation of serial uploads.

Controller Manager now incorporates XMODEM support for transferring files to and from the flash memory of SCOM 7330 controllers. It can be downloaded for free from this site. This is a fully functional edition of the software.


  • Controller Manager Documentation (PDF)  This is the complete documentation for the software, in PDF format.
  • SCommProg.Exe (Version 2.20 - with XMODEM Support - 07/03/2014)  Click here to download the program. This version now supports XMODEM transfer for seamlessly moving configuration data to and from your controller. This is the actual program executable file, and is not embedded within an Install Shield. To install the program, just copy it to any local drive on your PC. You can even place it on your desktop. The program is started by double-clicking its icon. To remove the program, just delete the SCommProg.Exe file.
  • Sample Configuration - S-COM 7330  Click here to download a sample configuration for programming the 7330. This simple configuration has one transmitter and one receiver on Port 1 and can be easily set up to require carrier or CTCSS access to the channel. The basics of identification, time-out control, and user macro definition are covered in this configuration. The main file you want to open in Controller Manager is "sample config.txt." The CW and Speech vocabularies are included in this configuration.
  • Words.txt - - SCOM 7330 Vocabulary List  Click here to download the speech vocabulary list for the SCOM 7330 controller. Thanks to Scott Arnold KDěKKV for his valuable assistance in compiling this information!
  • CW.txt - - SCOM 7330 Morse Character Codes  Click here to download the list of Morse character codes for the SCOM 7330 controller.
  • Contact the author. If you have questions or comments about this software, they are welcome. Your feedback will help make the next edition a better tool.