BMET-311 Introduction to Bioengineering

Basic Information

BMET-311 Class Syllabus

BMET-311 Lab Schedule

BMET-311 Class Homework (homework.doc)

Equipment Instruction Manuals

Dale601Manual.PDF  Dale 601 Safety Analyzer Operating Manual (Read before coming to lab #1).

Parks811BManual.PDF  Parks 811-B Ultasonic Flow Detector Operating Manual.

hk256ni.PDF  iWorx ETH-256 Manual and Experiments.

Laboratory Instructions

LAB1.PDF  Lab 1 Instructions

LSManual.PDF  LabScribe Instruction Manual (Read before starting Lab 2)

LAB2.PDF  Lab 2 Instructions

LAB3.PDF  Lab 3 Instructions

LAB4.PDF  Lab 4 Instructions

LAB5.PDF  Lab 5 Instructions

LAB6.PDF  Lab 6 Instructions

LAB7.PDF  Lab 7 Instructions

Additional Study Materials

Laboratory Pre-Test (REQUIRED)

medical_device_regulations.pdf  FDA Medical Device Regulations Lesson

medical_electrical_safety.pdf  Medical Device Safety - from MECA (Medical Equipment Compliance Associates),

Units_Rosetta.pdf  Converting between different systems of units driving you crazy? Maybe this will help!

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