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Student Java Projects

These are various projects that groups have completed in CET431, Distributed Computing with Java. These are not necessarily "networked" applications. Each JAR has the source code in case you want to experiment.

Spring 2006

texasholdem.jar  The game of "Texas Hold 'Em", by Kelsey Morris and Nicholas Butcher.

javapong.jar  A neat implementation of PONG by John Beck, Charles Dustman, and Nathan Rich. Features multiple balls, and a very interesting paddle implementation.

sudoku.jar  The game of Sudoku, implemented by Rocky ('Rochy') Davidson and Stacy White.

concentration.jar  The game of Concentration by David Emo and Kevin Hartley.

Summer 2005

eRackO.jar  The game of "Rack-O", in electronic form, by Terry Murray and Steve Doh.

Aquaductor.jar  The game of "Aquaductor" by Mark Hawkinson and Matt Dillman. Can you fix Rome's water system in time?

ConnectFour.jar  The game of "Connect Four" by Robby Entrekin.

Spring 2005

Blackjack.jar  The game of "Blackjack", by Marlini Alias Ali.

SlotMachine.jar  Simulation of a slot machine, by Robert Mcclung and Russell Werdehausen

Fall 2004

Crane.jar  A crane-game simulation, by Clint Coffman. Pick the items up quickly or be a dead duck!

MemoryMatch.jar  Memory Match, a memory-building game by Sam Nanthavongsa.

Summer 2004

carsim.jar An animated traffic simulation designed by Brandon Johnson, Brian Jackel, and Mike Planker. Better than a lava lamp!

battleship.jar A cool implementation of the game of Battleship, by Andrew Escutia, Jeremiah Shull, and Brian Travers.

gauges.jar A simulation of an automotive speedometer/tachometer display, written by David Howard and Andre Newsom.

minefinder.jar A neat Java implementation of the popular 'Minesweeper' application, by Matthew Alford and Joseph Jennings.

Spring 2004

alarmclock.jar A Java alarm clock application written by C. Weston Shaw, R. Alan Cramer, and James Bauer.

periodictable.jar A period table written by Chris Keck, Troy Mahnke, and Jon Lord.

amspong.jar A PONG game written by BJ Altschul, Roy Minton, and Adam Shryock.

barnyard.jar A non-violent agricultural simulation written by David Brazelton, Miles Rush, and Robert Williams. Possible theme music here.