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Electronic Communications for Technicians

Computer Software

Windows Software Packages

  • Amplitude Modulation Simulator An AM simulator that shows both simulated oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer output. Documentation is here.

  • Frequency Modulation Simulator An FM simulator. It works just like the AM simulator. Documentation is here.

  • WaveGen, a Waveform Generator WaveGen is a real-time complex waveform generator. It uses the sound card on any PC to build waveforms based on Fourier series. Documentation is here.

  • EZ Terminal Version 1.0 This is the terminal emulation used in several of the laboratory experiments. To use this package, unzip the archive into an empty folder, then double-click the "Setup.exe" icon. This package is due for updating. If the program fails to launch, register the MSCOMM32.OCX ActiveX control after performing the installation. See Martin2k for instructions on how to do this.

  • RF Maximum Permissible Exposure calculator RF MPE Calculator performs OET Bulletin 65  compliance calculations. The program is useful for both ham and commerical radio safety compliance checking. To use this package, unzip the archive into an empty folder, then double-click the "Setup.exe" icon.

Source Code for Microcontroller Firmware

The following source code supports two of the microcontroller-based projects in the textbook. These projects are based on the Motorola 68HC05K1 ("Insect") microcontroller, which is very dated and may not be readily available. The next edition of the text will adopt a newer chip for these circuits.

  • Ch07fg19.asm The source code for the PLL synthesizer of Chapter 7, Figure 19. Covers the 10 meter (28 MHz) ham band in 1 kHz steps.

  • CH08FG25.ASM The source code for the FM broadcast exciter controller of Chapter 8, Figure 25. Covers the USA commercial FM broadcast band (88.1 - 107.9 MHz) in 100 kHz steps.

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