CET-442 Advanced Network Engineering

Basic Information

CET442 Class Syllabus

CET442 Lab Schedule

CET442 Class Homework (homework.doc)

E-Net Documentation  Online documentation for the Experimental Network at KC-Devry. Available only on-campus.

dijkstra.jar  A cool graphical demonstration of Dijkstra's algorithm simulating a small internetwork, by Brian Travers. The program calculates and displays all optimal paths through the network and displays simulated routing tables for all hosts. It also derives the physical network topology, displaying it in a separate window for inspection/modification. [No source in jar.]

LAB1.PDF  Lab 1 Instructions

LAB2.PDF  Lab 2 Instructions

LAB3.PDF  Lab 3 Instructions

LAB4.PDF  Lab 4 Instructions

LAB5.PDF  Lab 5 Instructions

LAB6.PDF  Lab 6 Instructions

LAB7.PDF  Lab 7 Instructions

Additional Study Materials

Practice for Exam 1

Practice for Exam 2

Practice for Exam 3

Practice for Final Exam

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