EET-387 Embedded Microprocessor Systems

Basic Information

EET-387 Class Syllabus

EET-387 Lab Schedule

EET-387 Class Homework (homework.doc)

Laboratory Instructions

LABS.PDF  Instructions for all EET387 lab experiments - Summer 2007

Helpful Information

JTAG_Adapter.PDF  Instructions for construction and use of the JTAG adapter PC board for the ATMEGA16

JTAG_Adapter.ZIP  EAGLE CAD files to reproduce the JTAG adapter PC board


HW.DOC  Homeworks - Summer 2007

Instructional Videos

CODEVISION_INTRO.AVI (227 MB, AVI)  A brief introduction to CodeVisionAVR (10 minutes)

PORTS_LAB.AVI (35 MB, AVI)  Lab #1 - Ports Lab Behavioral Description

LAB2_LCD.AVI (27 MB, AVI)  Lab #2 - LCD Lab Behavioral Description

KEYBOARD_LAB.AVI (20 MB, AVI)  Lab #3 - Keyboard Lab Behavioral Description

ADC_LAB.AVI (38 MB, AVI)  Lab #4 - ADC Lab Behavioral Description

LAB5_UART.AVI (24 MB, AVI)  Lab #5 - UART Lab Behavioral Description

Additional Study Materials

Practice Test for C Concepts

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