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NØGSG's Uniden HR2510 Hints and Tips Page

Updated 09-10-2016

The Uniden HR-2510 is a mobile 10 meter transceiver that was manufactured in the late 1980s. The radio covers the entire 10 meter ham band (28.000 ~ 29.999 MHz) in CW, AM, FM, and SSB modes with 25 watts of transmitter power output. It's a compact package (about the size of a typical CB radio) and is great for operating 10 meters either as a base or mobile. This little radio is a great performer, and has quite a following - - but it's no longer made. Used examples can be found, and if you're lucky to have one of these gems, this web page can help you get the most out of it.

Hints and Tips from NØGSG

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