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COMP122 - Structured Programming with Laboratory

COMP328 - Programming Environments and Java with Laboratory

ECET305 - Analytical Methods

EET387 - Embedded Microprocessor Systems

EET301 - Network Engineering

ECET230 - Digital Systems II

BMET311 - Introduction to Bioengineering

CET442 - Advanced Network Engineering

COMP270 - OOP at Sea World

EET400 - Project Management

CET421 - Operating Systems

EET475 - Advanced Networking (EET, 9D)

CET431 - Distributed Computing with Java (CET, 9D)

ECT281 - Wireless Communications (ECT, 5T)

ECT150 - Electronics I (ECT, 2T)

ECT261 - Electronic Communications (ECT, 3T)

ECT215 - Fiber and Data Communications (ECT, 3T)

COMP370 - Software Design with OOP/C++ (EET, 5D)

EET368 - Electronic Communications (EET, 7D)

EET225 - Electronic Devices I

COMP125 - Introduction to Computing (EET, 1D)

COMP215 - Problem Solving with C/C++ (EET, 3D)

EET118 - AC Circuit Analysis (EET, 3D)

ET263 - Electronic Communications (ECT, 3T)

ET270 - Data Communications (Technician, 4T)

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