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COMP122:Structured Programming with Laboratory

COMP328:Programming Environments and Java with Laboratory

ECET305:Analytic Methods

EET301:Network Engineering

ECET230:Digital Systems II

EET387:Embedded Microprocessor Systems

CET431:Distributed Computing with Java

cet442:Advanced Network Engineering

cet421:Operating Systems

BMET311:Introduction to Bio-Engineering

COMP270:C++ World

EET400:Project Management

EET475:Advanced Networking

ECT215:Fiber and Data Communications

ECT281:Wireless Systems

ECT261:Communications Systems

ECT150:Electronics I

COMP370:s/w dsn w/OOP

EET225:Devices I

ECT295L:Applied Project Laboratory


COMP215:C Programming

ET270:Data Communications

EET118:AC Circuits

COMP125: Intro to computing


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You are viewing an archived web site. It contains most of the content that I maintained as a DeVry University professor. No new material will be posted here, however, support materials for quite a few projects are present. I hope that some of the content will prove useful to you.

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