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Pet Projects and Other Toys

Electronic Projects for Fun

ELECTRONIC_STETHOSCOPE.PDF An electronic stethoscope using the Burr-Brown OPA-627 precision op-amp.

PRECISIONSTROBE.PDF A precision xenon strobe controlled by an Atmel microcontroller.

100WATTAMP.PDF A 100-watt stereo amplifier built with two National LM3876 monolithic audio power amp ICs.

MOBILEDF.ZIP Provisional information and HEX object files for the N0GSG DSP RADIO DIRECTION FINDER project in November 2002 QST Magazine. Note that you can obtain a complete kit of PC boards (with or without components) at BYONICS.COM. This board set has been professionally designed by Dan Welch, W6DFW, and features excellent RF performance. A complete instruction manual is also provided that you can download from the site.

PORTDF.ZIP Provisional information and HEX object files for the N0GSG PORTABLE DIRECTION FINDER project in June 2002 CQ Magazine

SIMPLEGEN.PDF SimpleGen: An Inexpensive Audio Signal Generator

CURRENTSENSOR.PDF Evaluation of the Honeywell CSLA1CD Hall-Effect Current Sensor

LCDSINGLESUPPLY.PDF Single-Supply Applications for LCD Meter Modules

PRYME_ANTENNA.PDF A Warning for Users of the Pryme RD-78 VHF/UHF Antenna

ATMEL FUSE PROGRAMMER FUSE Programmer for Atmel AT90S1200/A MCUs

1-Chip Untuned AM Receiver Untuned AM Receiver Project - Demonstrates AM detection

2-Chip TRF AM Receiver TRF AM Receiver - Amazing sound from a little radio!

LCD Meter Supply A DC-DC converter that provides two isolated 9V DC outputs

Amateur Radio Information

Freqprivs.pdf US Amateur Radio Frequency Privileges

White Papers

BASE64CODEC.PDF A Base64 Coder-Decoder Class for C++.

BASE64GUI.EXE GUI Demonstration of the Base64Codec (Executeable, Win32)

BASE64.ZIP Visual C 6 Project - Command Line Demonstration of Base64Codec Class

BASE64GUI.ZIP Visual C 6 Project - GUI Demonstration of Base64Codec Class

HEATSINK_MEAS.PDF How to measure Rsa, thermal resistance from Sink to Ambient, for heatsinks.

TCPHOST.PDF A C++ Class for building TCP hosts; built-in support for multiple clients.

TCPHOST.ZIP Visual C 6.0 project showing how to use the TCPHost class.

DIELECTRIC.PDF How to indirectly measure the dielectric constant of insulators.

SOCKETCLASS.PDF A "Java-Like" Wrapper Class for Win32 Sockets Programming. (UPDATED: 10/2005)

SOCKET.ZIP The complete VC6 project demonstrating the Win32 Sockets wrapper classes in action.

RJ45_DB9.PDF How to build an RJ45-to-DB9 adapter for connecting to the Console port of Cisco gear.

INDUCTORMEASURE.PDF How to measure the peformance of inductors at HF and above.

TRIGIDENT.PDF A Summary of Important Trigonometric Identities

PLL.PDF PLL Frequency Synthesizer Design

STATOR.PDF How to rewind the alternator stator on a motorcycle engine (the author is definitely cheap!)

IRSYSTEM.PDF Evaluation of the LTE-5208A IR LED and LTM-8834-2 IR receiver module. If you want to do IR remote control, see either myself or Chuck Finley. We have an "adequate" supply of these parts for you to use!

TLOSS.PDF Measuring transmission line loss in a savage manner - (Rated PG-13)

DFNOTES.PDF Covers the theory behind Doppler radio direction finders, and proposes one possible DSP solution

Milling.doc How to Use the QuickCircuit 5000 PC Board Milling Machine (14MB, Word)

OrCAD PSPICE OrCAD PSPICE Seminar Workbook (Spring 2002)

Computer Software

CE Simulator V1.0 Simulator for a Common-Emitter amplifier circuit Visual C++ source for the OKDIALOG applet (one very annoying little program!) Make sure you select "Use folder information" when unzipping this archive - unzip into an empty subfolder. Do not unzip to the root folder of a drive!